I never thought that going to the movies would ever cause me to ponder about our civilization. Well, a children’s movie anyway. Truthfully, it wasn’t the movie that got me thinking, it was what happened afterwards. As we exited the theater Solo ran ahead pushed open the heavy door and held it open. We passed through making sure we said thank you and told him what a good job he did. He beamed. Following us came about 10 more people who saw the door open and walked right through. Solo kindly held the door for all of them still beaming from our compliments. I thought it odd that not one of them noticed his small act of kindness.

Two thoughts came to my mind later. What happens to a civilization that ignores its younger members? What happens to a civilization that doesn’t recognize small acts of kindness?

Something to ponder.


I would like to give a little background so you understand why sidewalks are so scary. This past year I have had many adventures. I’ve hike all over carrying Solo. Not in a backpack because he doesn’t like this any more just in my arms. The hardest hike was Timpanogos. I have fallen up and down my stair so many times I can’t count. I have run around my yard chasing children and regularly fell in the hole near the vegetable garden. (I’m not sure why I don’t fill that in). I played on the neighbor’s trampoline for countless hours. Then four weeks ago I was walking along a sidewalk; a perfectly flat sidewalk, one of those nice ones in new neighborhoods; and the next thing I know I’m up close and personal with the grass strip. I hobbled back to my car and later was unable to walk. After a week of pain I went to a doctor. Second degree sprain, one step from surgery. So beware of sidewalks that are flat and smooth. They look innocent but they are out to get you.

A few days ago I set up my camera on a tripod, attached the hand held shutter and let Jet and Solo take many self portraits.  I found them to be so amusing that I decided to share them.

Auh such sweet pictures!

I’m not talking about a body function so you can safely keep reading. I came across another book written by Olliver D’Mille (The writer of the “Thomas Jefferson education”), it explained the Phases of the Leadership education. The section for Core and Love of Learning talking about getting rid of things that clutter up your life, freeing yourself from their burdens so you can focus on more importing things like learning. So I have decided to purge my house of unnecessary items. This is quit hard and is taking me a while. I come across something and some part of me always says, “What if you need it later? You better not get rid of it” Truth be told I might need it later but will the need be great or insignificant. That is how I have to fight to not keep the item.

So far I have sent 8 garbage bags and 3 large boxes to local charities. I have also thrown away a few garbage cans full of trash. I have decided that accumulating things is a disease for me. The few rooms I have completed (Master bed and bath, Children’s room, Toy room and Main bathroom) are more pleasant to be in even if I didn’t get around to cleaning them that week.

The book also recommended purging my schedule. This one hasn’t been as easy. (Not that purging the house is easy either but in comparison.) My first step has actually been trying to put my day into an order. (House of Order) Jet has been a great help here. She came up with Day Charts. The ideal smooth running day is on the Day Chart and we mark off what we complete. The key is no guilt for what didn’t get complete. I am trying to train myself not tare myself down. I instead focus on what I have done. This is slowly working. I believe if I persevere through this crazy time of year learning to use the word “no” I may finally discipline myself. After all these years of not really knowing how but wanting to be that way! I can’t wait to over come my weakness.

This year I actually took time to bottle the peaches from the peach tree.  It’s really not that difficult to do. It’s just time consuming.  I think that is why I skip bottling so often.  I love the results though.  A hard days work and more food storage makes a happy Crystal.

Take a look at these beauties!

I would like to introduce you to our newest member.

It’s a cockatiel.  His name is Storm or as Solo calls him Storm Bird.  I have to admit I enjoy him.

I’m sure all of you have been waiting anxiously for information on the cat genie. Relax the wait is over.

It works!! Yup, it’s a dream. Ok Ok every once in a while a small piece of excrement is left behind and fumigates the house when the drying cycle happens but that is rare and quickly over come.

There was one incident but it wasn’t the Cat Genies fault. Some how the instruction manual fell into the Genie and plugged up everything. I had to take it apart and clean it all out. Luckily it’s a simple design because I was able to dissemble, clean and reassemble without instructions.

Remember if you want more info on Cat Genie click on CatGenie in my links area to the upper left.